Close up of the picture below l v


A new rafflesia.


A healthy rafflesia.


A dying rafflesia.

If your town has too many weeds, enough to generate the "worst" rating, a Rafflesia may appear. You cannot remove it by picking it or digging it up.

The environmental report in the civic center will read: "This place is the pits! Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong! There's not a single thing I like in this town!" and Pelly Peliko will state "Hmm... You know, I think the problem is there are those gross flowers that keep showing up. You really have to work daily to prevent eyesores like that from sprouting." while Phyllis Pelimi will comment "There must be a flower that smells terrible somewhere in town. Well, if that's the problem, maybe they should just stop planting them! (Come on, genius!)"

One small plus of the rafflesia is that flies are usually nearby and easy for catching. This mimics the real life behavior of the rafflesia which emits the odor of rotting flesh to attract flies in order to pollinate.

In Texas, the rafflesia can be seen in the insect section of the museum. Once you've caught a fly and donated it to Blathers, it will be seen flying around the plant.

It usually appears where there are the least weeds, so it has room to grow and flies can appear. To remove a rafflesia, you must pick all the weeds in the acre surrounding the plant. The Rafflesia tuan-mudae is a rafflesia that can reach up to 1 meter in diameter. They can be found in Sarawak, Borneo.

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