Money tree

A money tree - complete with REAL MONEY on it!

Money Trees are a type of tree. To grow them, you bury a bag of money using a golden shovel. After the tree is grown, if it blooms there will be three bags of the amount of dollars you planted or 3 bell bags, whichever is lower. The tree will only bloom, and thus produce money, once.

  • In New Jersey, money trees can be planted with the regular or golden shovel by burying money in the daily shiny spot in your town.

Planting Money Trees can result in great rewards, but as a long term strategy you will plant more than you pluck.

The trees likelihood of blooming is based off of the amount of dollars buried. The maximum number of dollars a tree will produce is 9 dollars, meaning that it is pointless to bury more than 9 dollars. Unfortunately, Money Trees are not statistically profitable. It is like gambling at a casino--if you play long enough, you will lose. This is because though the Money Tree's chance to bloom, which varies upon how many dollars you originally buried, the expected return will never exceed the amount you invest.

Dollars Buried Bloom Chance Dollars Dropped Expected Return  % Return
1 1% 3 30 3%
5 5% 15 750 15%
1 10% 3 3,000 30%
2 20% 6 12,000 60%
3 30% 9 27,000 90%
4 40% 9 36,000 90%
5 50% 9 45,000 90%
6 60% 9 54,000 90%
7 70% 9 63,000 90%
8 80% 9 72,000 90%
9 90% 9 81,000 90%
1 100% 9 90,000 90%
11 100% 9 90,000 82%
12 100% 9 90,000 75%

Given this data, the most advantageous amount to bury would be 3 giving you a 90% probability of tripling up. This is because

  • To minimize your expected loss it is best to bury an amount between [3 to 9] because the Expected Return is 90% of your investment. Less and the reward drops with the probability resulting in a lower expectation; more and you are removing the random probability from it (100% chance) and sealing your fate at a return of 9 dollars.
  • To maximize your potential gain it is best to bury an amount between [1 to 3] because if your gamble is successful your reward is triple your investment.

[edit] Use of a CloverEdit

A 4-leaf-clover planted underneath the money tree will not increase the probability of the tree blooming and producing money. It will only prevent the tree from wilting; as it would for a normal tree.

[edit] Dealing with DeforestationEdit

The ability to grow money trees is tremendously useful with dealing with large amounts of deforestation, possibly caused by you due to an inconvenient tree layout. With 1 dollar, over 100 trees can be planted in one day. Though this is slightly more expensive than purchasing saplings from Michael's, it is much quicker.

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