200px-Dollar Rock

Clear Action of a Money Rock. See the money around it.

Every day, a Money Rock, also known as a Dollar Rock, will randomly appear around town and spurt out dollars after being hit with a shovel or an axe. The rock can be hit repeatedly for increasing amounts of money although the allotted time window for a hit to produce money decreases after each hit. The amount of money the rock gives varies from state to state and depends on how fast it's hit, your level of yellow Feng Shui, and in the case of Texas what it's hit with. Anything occupying a space around the money rock will also prevent bags from spouting there. In order to get the most from the money rock you will need to prevent the kickback from hitting the rock (see below). For towns with more than one you, each one of you gets their own money rock from a random rock. In New Jersey, the rock will spurt out up to 233 dolalrs as three sacks of 1, three sacks of 1, and two sacks of 1. Having high levels of any (not just yellow) feng shui will increase the chance of more money spouting from the rock. In Maine, the rock in your town will release up to 85 dollars as sacks of 1, 2, 4, 8, 1, 2, 4 dollars, in that order. High levels of yellow feng shui many allow for an additional 8 dollar bag to appear. In Texas, the money that comes out is different. The order goes: 1, 2, 3, 5, 1, 2 and finally 4. The silver shovel multiplies a random bag of money by 2. It has a 10% chance of happening. It has been proven that high yellow feng shui (over 73 yellow feng shui count) means that an 8 dollars bag will appear. If the two are combined, that's up to 241 dollars.

After every hit against the rock you will bounce back and will not be able to collect all of the sacks. Since the higher values of dollars come last, less money will be obtained. To prevent this, two holes must be dug. Stand diagonally next to the rock and dig one above/below you, whichever is further away from the rock, then one to the right or left, again, whichever is further from the rock. Remember to keep every hole at least one space from the rock. Holes will cover the areas where money is dropped, or other various items laying around, and stop you from getting the full amount of dollars. Now when the rock is hit, the holes will stop tyouhe Player bouncing back. Natural features such as a tree or cliff can make up for a hole.


. . . . .
. R Y H .
. . H . .
. . . . .

or (for extra space for the feng shui bag)

. . . . .
. R . . .
. . Y H .
. . H . .
. . . . .

It's also possible to place holes adjacent like this:

. . . . .
. . R . .
. . Y . .
. . H H .
. . . . .

Be warned, as you must be extra careful that you are BETWEEN the holes and don't get pushed to the side.

R: Rock Y: You ( . ): Empty Space H: Hole/Feature

  • In New Jersey, the money rock will turn red when hit and gradually fade back to gray, giving a visual timer as it will continue to spout money for as long as the rock is red. In later versions the rock simply remains gray.
  • In all versions every bag spouted after the fourth bag/coin will play the '1Up' noise from the Mario series.The money rock appears once every day. So, in a normal year, that's:

    • 4,854,5 (NJ)
    • 3,102,5 (ME)
    • 2,956,5 (TX minimum)
    • 8,796,5 (TX maximum)

or, in a leap year:

    • 4,867,8 (NJ)
    • 3,111 (ME)
    • 2,964,6 (TX mimimum)
    • 8,820,6 (TX maximum)

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