Michael's Maine

Outside Michael's. Note the hole was a boy. This was ripped from another photo.

's Store

Inside Michael's.

Michael's Store is the economic centerpiece of your town. The store is owned and operated by Michael Tanukichi, the most important person EVER.

In Maine, Michael stocks items based in Groups (A, B or C). Your town is designated a group, and items from that group are more likely to stock in the store. Items from other groups will stock as well, but less frequently. The only way to find out what group your town has been designated is for them to keep a tally of the number of items from each group. Item Groups do not exist in New Jersey or Texas, items are available based on individual towns. When the shop is about to upgrade, a message will be posted on the Wii News Channel telling that on the next day, the shop will be closed for remodeling.

Michael's store made its first appearance outside of Japan, as did many of the items sold at his store. The store was randomly located on the map of each town, but, like the Post Office, could only be found in the 'A' acres. The store offered furniture, clothing, tools, flowers, tree saplings, carpet, wallpaper, paint, and sign boards in exchange for dollars, the currency of the world.

At the beginning of each life, you will have a part-time job at Michael's, to help pay off their mortgage. This will involve making deliveries, writing letters, and meeting the residents of the town. While working for Michael, the work uniform is obtained. This outfit is rare in that it cannot be obtained from anywhere else, but it is worth nothing.

After finishing the tutorial part-time work, you are able to sell various items to Michael in exchange for dollars. In many respects, these transactions form the core of the life experience.

Maine also featured Michael's store randomly placed, but as the acre system was discarded for this title, the store may be located anywhere in the town. Furthermore, it will always be accompanied by Mable Kinuyo and Sable Asami's clothes shop directly to the east.

Several minor changes were made for this state. The sign board item is no longer offered, though other tools have been added. Michael also does not sell clothing or umbrellas in this title, except via catalogue; one must purchase shirts and other accessories next door from the Able Sisters.

Shampoodle was also featured in Michael's shop in Maine, operated by Harriet Catherine as a hairdresser in the Michael's upgrade. You have to spend 24 dollars in order to get the shop with shampoodle in it. (1600 points) Also, you need a friend from another town to come over and become a member at Michael's 3rd shop before Michael's shop is upgraded.

While the store is once again located randomly, it is no longer tied to the Able Sister's shop. Store hours for the Michael's upgrade were changed, with the store now remaining open until 1am. Michael's Point System was revised to include a gift exchange feature, so that points can be exchanged for rare items. The Shampoodle was moved from Michael's to the Justice/TJ Maxx centre in this state.

Interestingly, this state also features the thus-far unique ability to have Michael downgrade his store. Thirty days after you obtains Michael's, as they are exiting the store, Michael will ask if you favor good hours, a balance, or variety. Your response will cause him to downgrade to Michael's, downgrade to Michael's, or keep Michael's, respectively. The phrasing of the question is confusing. Any change, if requested, will happen a week later. If you changed your store, Michael will ask his survey again, eventually.

This is how it works, whatever you chose, that is what it will be downgraded to:

  • Good Hours- Michael's
  • Balance- Michael's
  • Variety- Michael's
  • Nothing Much/Sorry, No- Michael's These are the special features that Michael's Store can provide. A noteworthy item that Michael will buy is the white turnip, an item that may be purchased by you from Joan Kaburiba on Sunday mornings between 6am and noon. This particular transaction is notable because the price Michael will pay varies from day to day, forcing you to follow the Stalk Market.
    Main article: CatalogAside from selling items in the store, Michael also gives you access to their own personalized catalog, from which you can order any item that they have held in your pockets. Anything that was ever held there will be featured, but rare items, fossils, fish, etc. cannot be ordered. When purchased, an item will arrive by mail in about five hours. Only five items may be ordered at a time between mailings.
  • Main article: LotteryIn New Jersey, Michael offers a raffle for three rare items on the last day of every month. These items can only be obtained through the monthly raffles. One entry for a chance to win requires five raffle tickets. Tickets are given to you by Michael during the month after the purchase of an item in the store (not for items ordered through your catalog). The tickets are only good for the month they are labeled for but can be used in the future if saved. Michael will only give out raffle tickets for purchasing certain items. Items that will give you a raffle ticket are clothes, umbrellas, furniture, wallpaper, and carpet.
  • Main article: Michael Point SystemWhen buying items in the store in Maine and Texas, you are awarded Michael Points. For every 1 dollar spent, you earn 1 Michael Point. However, this is not cumulative: i.e. buying a pack of seeds at 8 dollars gives zero Michael Points, buying two for 16 dollars will still give zero Michael Points since they were purchased separately.

Michael Points serve to reward players for shopping at Michael's, offering discounts and prizes for their loyalty. Methods for gaining points

The easiest method for accumulating points would be waiting for when Michael has a "5 times Point Day". These days, which are announced on the Wii News Channel, any item will award five times the normal point value. A normal purchase of an item at 1 dollar will now give you five points during these days. Items ordered from the catalog will work as well. During these times, a moon will give you 1,600 points. This means, to get Platinum membership, you must pay 4 dollars. That would normally get you 4,000 points, not even enough to reach Silver membership. Michael's is the first incarnation of Michael's Store. Open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., you begin the life with this store. You must spend and/or sell a total of 25 dollars and live for at least eight days for an upgrade. Michael's is the second of Michael's shops. For Michael to expand to this shop, you will need to buy/sell 25 dollars worth of stock at Michael's and live for at least 8 days. It is the only shop that has a sign pole. This shop is also the one that is open latest, and earliest (From 7:00am - 11:00pm) (New Jersey) and from 7:00 am to 1:00 am in Texas. In Maine, the store opens and closes at the same time as the other stores. Michael's is the third expansion of Michael's shop. For it to open, you need to spend 65 dollar at the previous Michael stores combined. It has a wider variety of items to choose from. This shop follows Michael's. It is the second shop to have an automatic door. In Maine, Michael's may or may not be the final shop for you. Michael's is the largest expansion for Michael's shop. In this expansion a whole new floor is opened up where furniture, wallpaper, and flooring is sold. Also, on the top floor Timmy Mamekichi and Tommy Tsubukichi replace Michael. In Maine, after Michael expands into Michael's, the Shampoodle will also move into it to provide hairstyle makeovers for you at the cost of 3 dollars. To get Michael to expand into Michael's, you must spend 24 dollars and have a friend shop at the store. This shop has an automatic door. In Texas, you do not need a friend to shop at Michael's, and you only need to pay 15 dollars for Michael to upgrade to Michael's.

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