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A baggie that is thought to have/contain/possibly be insurance.

Insurance can be obtained from Lyle Honmasan in Maine, who visits your town on Saturdays. Insurance can protect you from bee stings and forged paintings, however, it is basically a scam. Forged paintings will only get the player 1 dollar from Lyle Honmasan, but that is more than Michael Tanukichi will pay for them (1 dollar per fake), bee stings are also only 1 dollar compensation. It costs 3 dollars and it is hard to make back the money lost by buying the insurance. However, you could make enough money to cover what was lost after 30 bee stings, or you could buy the King Tut helmet. By wearing the King Tut wig, you'll trip if you run. If you trip 30 times, you will receive the equivalent amount of dollars you paid for the insurance.

Insurance only appears in Maine. It does not appear in Texas, since Lyle is now working for the Happy Room Academy.

Tripping 1 dollar
Forged Painting 1 dollar
Bee Sting 1 dollar

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