Some Pave furniture. The trophy is not included.

is a spring event that happens in February or March. Pave Berliner hosts the event in front of Town Hall. During the event, confetti will be raining down from the sky. As some neighbors will tell you, there will be no snow or rain during the entire day. Festivale is quoted by Life Power, as an 'all-day festival of color, costumes and craziness!' Festivale is based on Mardi Gras, the last day of Carnival, a festive season occurring before Lent.

During the day, neighbors walking around the town will challenge you in games, to win candy. However, if you lose you have to give some candy or 5 dollars. There is no limit of how many games can be played with the neighbors, but only the ones outside of their homes play games.

The games are as follows:

Imaginary Soccer - The neighbor will pretend to be a sports commentator and will act out a soccer scene. In response, you have to select either I'll kick left/right or I'll protect left/right. You have to score or protect two times in a row. This will result in the neighbor giving you a random colored item of candy.

Rock, Paper, Scissors - The neighbor will play a word game of rock, paper, scissors and they will shout their answer. You have to be the first to get it right two times in a row to win a randomly selected item of candy.

Coin Toss - The neighbor will pretend to flip a coin and will ask you what side you think it will be facing up. You have to do this 3 times in a row - if you lose at all, you lose the game. When you win, you can pick what color candy you want to receive.

What hand the candy is in - The neighbor will ask you which hand you think the candy is in. You have to get it right two times in a row out of two goes. Getting it wrong once will result in a loss. Once you win, you get a random piece of candy.

Psychic/ESP Test - The neighbor will ask you what you think the image in their mind is of. You have to get both questions right to get the candy. The first question is out of 3 shapes; either circle, triangle, and square. The second question is what fruit you think they can picture in their mind: apple, peach, orange, cherry and pear (occasionally, none will be an option in place of one of the fruit options). One wrong guess results in losing. If you win, you get to pick what color candy you receive.

The candy you have won can be given to Pavé, who will exchange it for furniture in the Pavé Berliner Series. However, you must have three of the color candy he asks for.

Pavé will trade furniture for candy. However, he asks for 3 of the same kind out of a possible 4 types of candy; blue, red, yellow and green. Once he has this candy, he will celebrate and give you a piece of furniture in return. The items available are:

  • Pavé Chest
  • Pavé Sofa
  • Pavé Chair
  • Pavé Table
  • Pavé End table
  • Pavé Closet
  • Pavé Bookshelf
  • Pavé Bureau
  • Pavé Lamp
  • Pavé Bed
  • Pavé Floor
  • Pavé Wallpaper

** Each item sells for about 12 dollars each and cannot be bought from Michael's store or the catalog. **

The furniture is similar to Pavé, it is feathery and ocean blue in colour, and each item has a white doiley on top.

Below are some useful tips and tricks when trading candy for Pavé's furniture.

[edit] StorageEdit

You can place candy in letters and keep them in mail storage. One can also place the candy in items, like wardrobes or drawers.

[edit] WagersEdit

Make sure to leave your tools and special items in your house or else the Villagers might try to take them from you. The alternative is to carry old clothes and stuff that you don't want in your pockets, so if you lose the game you won't be losing anything important. To use this trick, you must stock up your money along with your items in a dresser or on the floor in your house. A tip is to collect some shells and grab some fruit, then when you talk to the Villagers, instead of asking for 5 dollars or valuable items they will ask for whatever fruit you have carrying around with you. This way, you don't have any worthy items to risk during the Festivale event. Whatever candy you earn, store in messages or go back to your house and lay them down somewhere so villagers won't ask for any.

[edit] Old CandyEdit

Save your extra candy from Halloween and Bunny Day to get the Pavé Berliner set quicker.

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