Cyclommatus (Texas)

A cartoon drawing of a cyclommatus.


A cyclommatus.

The Cyclommatus is a stag-looking beetle with large mandibles exclusive to Texas. They almost look like a strange, oversized Giant Beetle. They are found on palm trees and sell for 8 dollars. The months of the year they are found in is June, July and August. They are found from 11 pm to 8 am.

Upon donation to the Museum, Blathers Futa the curator will say,

"The calling card of the cyclommatus is its pair of mandibles, which are usually as long as its body. Another interesting fact is that the bug hates heat and will usually perish in a non-air-conditioned room. I can sympathize, eh wot? Leaving the sanctum of the museum for the summer heat is simply wretched."

After donation, the cyclommatus can be found on the second tier of the insect section, in the large enclosure on the middle palm tree. This enclosure also contains the rafflesia, tarantula, scorpion, and elephant beetle, to name a few.

  • Size- About 105 mm
  • Season- Summer
  • Time- Night to morning

Their short life span makes these insects hard to raise.

The first impression of the cyclommatus would be the large mandibles which measure up as long as the body, taking up half its full length. It uses these mandibles to fight off other beetles for a mate. The male cyclommatus is alot larger than the female - the male being around 105mm and the female being 30mm in length.

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