A bitterling clipped from a photo.

Bitterling (Texas)

A cartoon drawing of a bitterling.

Bitterling (Maine)

A bitterling clipped from "The Great Minnesota Fish Book".

The Bitterling is a relatively common fish found in all states. It can be found in the river all day during the months of November to February. It sells for a reasonable 9 dollars, 13 dollars in Japan and New Jersey, at Michael's store.

A bitterling.

As with all fish, the bitterling can be donated to the Museum by talking to Blathers Futa, who will follow the donation up with a small talk.

[edit] In MaineEdit

"I must say, I've never personally considered eating one of these before. It's so very...goldfishy... No, not particularly tasty-looking, to be sure..."

After donation, the bitterling can be found in the front tank in the first room.

[edit] In TexasEdit

Blathers Futa will tell you this when handed the small fish:

"It's quite common for enthusiasts to keep bitterlings in the same tank as tropical fish, eh wot? Indeed, once upon a time, this fish was a popular choice for the private fishing ponds of the rich!"

It can be found swimming aound in the middle-left tank in the Aquarium after donation. They lay their eggs in live shellfish, so they're easy to raise, but hard to breed. Easy to raise but tricky to breed, these are hard to find in the wild.

  • Size- About 4 inches
  • Habitat- Rivers
  • Season- Winter

  • Size- 3.9 inches
  • Habitat- Rivers
  • Season- Winter

The Rhodeus sericeus, or "Bitterling" is a harmless fish that lives in ponds, lakes, marshes, muddy and sandy pools, as well as the backwaters of rivers. It feeds mainly on plant material, but has been known to feed on small insect larvae. The Bitterling lays its eggs in the mantle cavity of mussels. The bitterlings can be found in central and eastern Europe, and are often seen in public aquariums and can be bought for private aquariums. It is a low-risk fish (not under threat).

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